Water Pollution Facts, Types, Causes And Effects Of Water Pollution

The high levels of either acidity or alkalinity in water may be an indication of industrial or chemical pollution. Alkalinity or acidity can also occur from natural sources such as volcanoes. For the protection of aquatic life, the buffering capacity should be at least 20 mg/L as calcium carbonate.

Government should take action for the maintenance, proper functioning, and handling of already present drinking water treatment plants. There is a lack of a proper sampling system of the drinking water treatment plants to ensure that water is safe and fit for drinking in urban areas. Industrialization and emergence of urban units placed immense stress on water resources and discharge of wastewater into natural water resources that decreased ground and surface water quality . Water for drinking purposes mainly comes out from the surface and underground aquifers near the rivers or canals.

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.A change in the pH can change the forms of some chemicals in the water. For instance, ammonia is relatively harmless to fish in neutral or acidic water. However, as the water becomes more alkaline , ammonia becomes progressively more poisonous to these same organisms. Palatability, viscosity, solubility, odors, and chemical reactions are influenced by temperature .

Acids can influence many processes such as corrosion, chemical reactions and biological activities . Heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, and chromium dissolve more easily in highly acidic water . This is important because many heavy metals become much more toxic when dissolved in water . Most aquatic animals and plants have adapted to life in water with a specific pH and may suffer from even a slight change . pH of less than 7 indicates acidity, whereas a pH of greater than 7 indicates a base solution .

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Consequently, the concentration of the dissolved oxygen can be decreased since warm water carries less dissolved oxygen than cold water. Public awareness campaigns should be started at school, college, university, and community level to address the significance of secure drinking water. Rural communities should adopt safe control methods for protecting water storage in houses and simple disinfection technologies of drinking water.

The physicochemical analysis of different samples collected from urban areas of Faisalabad showed that the pH value and hardness were within range as recommended by WHO. The values of alkalinity, TDS, sulphate , and chlorides were found above the permissible limits of WHO. Overall the groundwater used for drinking purposes in urban areas was intensively polluted with sewage water.

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The Water Quality section aims to publish research that advances our understanding of the processes controlling the various water quality parameters specifically through innovations in modelling and monitoring . Studied systems may range from the vadose zone, to groundwater and surface waters and their interaction under natural or engineered conditions. According to Rubina Jaffri, the general manager of Health and Nutrition Development Society ,

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ISO International Organization for Standardization certification requires an external audit by an independent professional who has been accredited by the Committee on Conformity Assessment . Though organizations cannot be certified to ISO 26000, the standard provides guidance on how organizations can embrace social responsibility. It clarifies what social responsibility entails for organizations to lay a framework for effective action. This aims to reduce an organization’s energy footprint by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

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