Teach your child to love reading

Teach your child to love reading

Numerous studies on children’s motivation to read have confirmed that we live in a time of reading crisis! This problem is a tremendous pedagogical, cultural and social phenomenon. The situation of reading is caused by excessive school reading, children’s occupation by mass media, smartphones, and entertaining TV programs with low cultural content, which have an extremely negative impact on children. Children thus become passive observers of the world in which they live and about which they learn based on inappropriate content.

When they go to school, children face many challenges. How to master demanding mathematical operations, understand the world of nature and society, and express yourself nicely and write in language classes. We all remember the sentences from school – if we read as much as possible, it will be easier for us to express and shape our speech, thoughts, and attitudes.

A person who acquires a healthy habit of reading is not just a well-read person. We became more confident and aware that we would cope with every unforeseen situation. That is why we adults must pass this habit on to children.

How to encourage a child to read?

Experts believe that developing a child’s sense of belief in acquiring their knowledge in reading and developing mental activities is one of the most important stimuli for reading. Scientists call this feeling a sense of self-efficacy.

Self-efficacy in children develops a positive self-belief that they can create their knowledge and beliefs through the reading process and that every effort and work will pay off.

Suppose a teacher or parent succeeds in developing a child’s ability to assess self-efficacy. In that case, he or she is well on their way to instilling in the child a desire to make an effort to discover and solve all the tasks in front of them as they read. In that way, the child’s fear of reading is reduced.

To help your child develop a sense of self-efficacy in the reading process, you can begin with the following steps:

  • Emphasize the importance and value of reading as a useful activity;
  • Create a positive reading atmosphere;
  • Encourage the need to read;
  • Help your child develop self-belief as a reader.

Maybe you can make it fun and instead of the books you start with the magazine? You can check a lot of kid’s magazines Paper magazines offers and pick a perfect one for you and your child!

Good luck!

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