4 Tips That Will Help You Find the Right Solar Power Contractors

As the owner of a new electric vehicle, the idea of ensuring you have the means to charge it

at home is important. Fortunately, there are solar power contractors who can help you come

up with a solution that ensures there’s always power for the car and for your home. Here are

some tips that will help you find the right contractor.

Identify Contractors Who Have Proven Track Record With Solar Energy Solutions

Your first task is to locate contractors who can install the type of home solar energy array that

you have in mind. This involves everything from the type of panels to use, the battery storage

that it should include, and the type of charging station that would be ideal for the area where

you park the car.

Your goal is to work with someone who has plenty of experience with residential systems. It’s

fine if the contractor takes on commercial as well as residential projects. As long as the

experience and expertise is present, that contractor is worth investigating a little further.

Narrow The List By Identifying Those With Experience in Solar Charging Stations

With a basic list of local contractors compiled, it’s time to begin qualifying them for your

particular type of task. Specifically, you want to know who has installed systems that include

the presence of charging stations. This one qualification will narrow the list of potential

contractors by a noticeable margin.

Finding this information won’t be difficult. Contractors tend to be specific about the type of

solar energy projects that have been done in the past. Check the company website and you should

find a list that includes installing residential solar systems that sport charging stations. If not a

list, you may find a blog post that talks about how to select this type of setup and what the

The contractor can help.

Research Online Using Reviews and Ratings

With a narrowed list of candidates, it’s time to find out what past customers have to say about

each of those contractors. Look for reviews and ratings posted in areas other than the

contractor’s website. Along with sites devoted to rating different types of businesses, you may

find reviews on Google My Business sites, social media, and other outlets.

While you shouldn’t expect to find any solar power contractors who have nothing but glowing

reviews, do pay attention to the ones who seem to have higher ratings. Do take the time to

read negative reviews and consider the merits of those complaints. If there was a response

by the contractor, read it carefully as well. Unless you see some sort of ongoing issue

reported by past customers, those negative reviews should not rule out an otherwise good


Meet and Form Your Own Opinion

You will likely identify a few contractors that are worth meeting with. Schedule those meetings

and form your own opinion about each one. Which contractors seemed to look a little closer at

what it would take to install the type of system you have in mind? Which ones asked

questions related to the project? Were there contractors who went out of the way